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Opening: October 29, 2013, at 20:00 h.
: October 30, 2013 - February 2, 2014
Curator: Sema D'Acosta
Exhibition Session: Beyond Figura

This exhibition dedicated to Miki Leal (Seville, 1974) is much more than a conventional presentation of recent work; it is a profound, ambitious project that reveals hitherto unknown aspects related to personal memory and essential themes in the artist's life, particularly his family and his work. This inward reflection has rekindled reminiscences of his childhood and deeply personal memories, initiating a quest to pinpoint the origin of his condition as an artist that intuitively explores the roots of what has made and shaped him as a creator.

The point of departure is a revival of sensations linked to the carefree happiness of childhood, revisiting and interpreting certain objects from his first home and other indelible impressions that he has stored up inside for years. In many cases, the artist's discourse is based on referents from his personal universe and the things around him. Any life experience, whether a trip, a book, a piece of music or a film, can become a source of inspiration, a trigger mechanism for selecting isolated images - some real and some imagined - which, once assimilated, are subjectively developed by the artist in order to create a visual map of his own experience through painting.

One of the most novel aspects of Plato combinado (One-course Meal) is the inclusion of small-format still lifes made from fired clay, a traditional genre that Miki finds particularly fascinating. This is the first time that the artist has used potting clay, a material which ties in nicely with this museum building's unique history as a Carthusian monastery and later a ceramics factory. Miki will also produce several site-specific works for this project and will team up with Cristóbal Quintero to devise a special installation for the Capilla de Afuera or Outer Chapel.


MIKI LEAL. El rincón de Tom, 2013. Acrílico y acuarela sobre papel, 152 x 220 cm

MIKI LEAL. Plato combinado, 2013. Acuarela y acrílico sobre papel, 150 x 220 cm

MIKI LEAL. Algo sobre tangram, 2013. Acrílico y acuarela sobre papel, 190 x 152 cm



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