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Date: July 12 - October 21 2012
Exhibition Session: Post-Painterly Abstraction

The series of works that Paloma Gámez (Bailén, Jaén, 1964) has done for this museum under the name Violet, refer directly to two other series of paintings, Green and Red. Over the last few years, the artist has produced these pieces using abstraction and through a thorough and personal study of colour and space.

The ideas of repetition and seriation are a constant theme in her works. As the artist herself admits, her works are self-referential, so far as they are created from previous works. Thus, a system of interrelated art pieces is generated.

Violet suggests a journey around various spaces through five interconnected works done using diverse techniques: video, print on paper, acrylic on canvas and paint on wall. Finally, the artist invites us to visit the library. There, in the skylight, Gámez has repeated the same colour patterns as in the rooms of this museum. Her use of the exhibition and architectural space is noteworthy. She involves the spectator in an experience of the senses through light, colour and space.

The interest of the artist in abstraction processes is noticeable throughout her work: in the the procedures, in how the pieces materialize as well as in the way she uses colour, devoid of its symbolism, for the focus is on its sensory ability. The end result is not of a narrative or descriptive nature. It is built from a seriation effect, not from one image. In the eyes of Paloma Gámez, painting is, above all, a space for reflection, experimentation and knowledge.


Nota de prensa [Press Dossier]

Imágenes en alta resolución [High Resolution Images]



Paloma Gámez: C1. C:40%, M:87%, Y;0%, K:0%

Paloma Gámez: C2. C:82%, M:84%, Y;0%, K:0%

Paloma Gámez: C3. C:70%, M:90%, Y:0%, K:0%


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