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Date: March 22 - June 24 2012
Place: Claustrón Este and Claustrón Norte
Co-production by: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea y Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen.
In collaboration with: Mondriaan Fund
Exhibition Session: Accumulations of Memory

Fiona Tan's work explores memory, time and history. She initially became known for a body of work that relied on the use of archival films, questioning the observer and the observed and challenging the assumptions of the colonial past. Recent works concentrate on how memory is connected to images in our mind and on how inaccurate and yet creative memory can be.

Throughout her work Tan shows a continuing interest in the motivations of the traveller or explorer. The question how we represent ourselves and what mechanisms determine how we interpret the representation of others, are repeatedly being investigated, revealing what is behind and also beyond the confines of the image. Both poetic and subversive, Tan's work is characterized by great attention to detail, accomplished editing of sound, word and image and the careful use of the sculptural space and architecture in which a piece is presented.

Point of Departure is built around three major video installations: A Lapse of Memory, News from the Near Future and Thin Cities. The recurring theme is the idea of making a journey-as a traveler or as an immigrant-in time or in space. The exhibition looks forward as well as back, where, within a context like that of Seville's La Cartuja, the weight of history gives this project a special meaning. It was from here that Christopher Columbus prepared his second voyage to America, and subsequently the imperialist culture of Europe asserted itself on a grand scale. Moreover, like any port, Seville has been a constant point of departure throughout its history.

Fiona Tan lives and works in Amsterdam. She has participated in many international exhibitions including documenta XI in Kassel and the Biennales of São Paulo, Istanbul, Sydney and Yokohama. In 2009 Tan represented The Netherlands at the Venice Biennale.


· Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes: A point of departure and arrival

· Exhibition Labels [pdf file: 1.41MB]

· Works' description [pdf file: 818KB]

· Links:

- http://fionatan.nl/

- http://www.frithstreetgallery.com/

· Bibliography


· Photo Album on Flickr

· High Resolution Images


· Press Dossier [pdf file: 100KB]



Fiona Tan. Point of Departure. Catálogo de la exposición. Textos: Peio Aguirre, Sabine Marie Schmidt, Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes Hizkuntzak / Idiomas: Euskara, Español, Deutsch. San Sebastián, Koldo Mitxelena, 2012.

Fiona Tan: Rise and Fall. Textos: Okwui Enwezor, Bruce Grenville, Michael Newman, Irit Rogoff y Madeleine Schuppli. Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery and Aargauer Kunsthaus, 2010.

Fiona Tan: Vox Populi, Switzerland. Londres, Bookworks, 2010.

Fiona Tan: Disorient. Textos: Dominic van den Boogerd, Saskia Bos, Doris von Drathen, Thomas Elsaesser, Bruce Grenville y Fiona Tan. Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2009.

Fiona Tan: Vox Populi, Tokyo. Londres, Bookworks, 2007.

Time and again. Fiona Tan. Lund Konsthall, Lund, 2007

Fiona Tan: Vox Populi, Sydney. Londres, Bookworks, 2006.

Fiona Tan: Vox Populi, Norway. Londres, Bookworks, 2006.

Fiona Tan: Mirror Maker. Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2006.

Fiona Tan: Scenario. Netherlands Architecture Institute, 2000.   [^]


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In collaboration with

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View of the exhibition 'Fiona Tan. Point of Departure'

FIONA TAN. A Lapse of Memory, 2007. Frame, colour, sound, 24’35’’, loop. Courtesy of the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

FIONA TAN. News from the Near Future, 2003. Frame, blanco y negro teñido, stereo, 9’30’’. Courtesy of the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

FIONA TAN. Thin Cities, 1999. View of the Video-installation, colour, 9’30’’. Courtesy of the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

View of the exhibition 'Fiona Tan. Point of Departure'

FIONA TAN. West Pier III, 2006. Photography, 75 x 96 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

View of the exhibition 'Fiona Tan. Point of Departure'











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