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Opening: January 29, at 20:00 h.
: January 30 - May 22, 2016
Space: South Cloister
Curator: Jesús Alcaide
Exhibition Session: Archive Sickness

Framed within a larger process of investigation into the artistic expressions that blossomed in Andalusia during the 1980s and 90s, this exhibition presents a comprehensive survey of the work of the Agustín Parejo School, an active, radical, anonymous, collective experience that surfaced in the early 1980s and came to a natural, unpremeditated conclusion in the mid-1990s.

Coming together in a natural, organic way, bound by ties of complicity and affection, the Agustín Parejo School was not a conventional group or collective with a clearly identifiable date of birth and death, like others that appeared in Spain during the same period (e.g. Preiswert, Strujenbank, etc.). Rather, it was a series of individuals who, at different times, decided to share a life experience, an ephemeral experiment that lasted nearly fifteen years and whose activities had a direct impact on the social context of their base of operations, the city of Málaga.

Playing with language, temporarily occupying the public space, distributing self-published magazines, recording songs for independent labels, designing semiotized clothing, inserting pieces in television programmes and, of course, organizing exhibitions of paintings, installations and performances, the work of the Agustín Parejo School continued a rich tradition of collaborative practices inherited from the early 20th-century avant-garde and postwar neo-avant-garde movements. It was also ahead of its time, prefiguring a series of strategies and political praxes that came to the fore twenty years later, in which the issues of anonymity/authorship, poetics/politics and image/text were used as tools for acting and impacting on a specific socio-cultural context. The creations of the Agustín Parejo School assembled here constitute an unintentional history which, over the years, has come to be regarded as a prime example of that other way of making art, an alternative path to the dominant trends of the 80s and 90s.



      Lenin CumbeLenin Cumbe

      Guía de la arquitectura áulica malagueña title=Guía de la arquitectura áulica malagueña

      Málaga Euskadi daMálaga Euskadi da

      Pirata, pirataPirata, pirata


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Agustín Parejo School. The Coast of the USSR, 1985. 177 x 215 cm. Colección Museo de Málaga

Agustin Parejo School. Shroud of Turin, 1990. 200 x 263,5 cm. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía


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