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Fuentesal Arenillas.
La danza mudanza

Dates: May 12 - October 22, 2023
Curator: Beatriz Espejo
Coordinator: Alberto Figueroa
: East Cloister

A dance move is a unit consisting of a number of various steps within an overall choreography. Normally they are simple steps that are intuited more than perceived individually. And embedded with in them are intermediary half-steps with no set rules that are often improvised, thus allowing the dancer to express themself freely. So, this is where everything turns much more sophisticated and crepuscular. Dance thus becomes an intangible asset, affording several timeframes at once and a growing plethora of steps, whimsies and correlations, as also happens with desire when it enters the twilight zone, the moment when a double always appears. Here in the halls at CAAC, dance move is a mise en scène of Fuentesal Arenillas’s recent work.

The premise of this exhibition, showcasing a large part of the duo’s latest production, is to try to define the place from which sculpture speaks. The point of departure is always the same: to explore interrelationships and states of being, working with the figure of the double and the practice of sculpture following the play it gives rise to and the playit comes from. Like a thread weaving together all these ideas, the sculpture is animated through puppetry, the play of hands in which wood, rope and cloth compose works that are alive and that connect in the imaginary of both artists with the voice of Doña Rosario Núñez from behind the curtains of the puppet theatre of La Tía Norica in Cádiz and with the musicality of the choreographies at Teatro dei Piccoli in Italy, a field of study during their current residency at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome. Paired with torsos, hoods, hats, boxes and moulds like the costumes in a puppet theatre. A sculptural understanding dovetailing with the tradition of that sculpture from the south: an orality that echoes like seagulls following in the wake of boats or the pealing of bells in whitewashed villages. The repetitive kneading of dough in bakeries or the sawdust raised by planing wood in a carpentry workshop.

Julia Fuentesal and Pablo M. Arenillas (1986/1989) were born in Huelva and Cádiz respectively and currently reside in Rome. Their solo shows include Cubierta brillante/Margen delgado curated by Juan Canela, III Edición Programa Primera Fase and Casapuerta at Galería Luis Adelantado with a text by Selina Blasco titled “Anfitriones”. They have received several awards, grants, scholarships and residences including Generaciones 2023 (La Casa Encendida), Fundación María José Jove art residency, 6th Cervezas Alhambra Awards, 25th VEGAP artistic creation grants and Matadero Crea production grant, among others. Their work has also been seen in various group shows, such as Lo que pesa una cabeza, TEA; Una historia reciente II, Fundación Juan March Palma; La vista y el tacto (ca. 1929-30), Centro Federico García Lorca; Dialecto CA2M, CA2M; Escultura expandida, CAAC and Turno de Réplica, Museo Patio Herreriano.

Beatriz Espejo


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Fuentesal Arenillas. 'La traza de, el vínculo a IX, X, XI, XII', 2023. Sailcloth, sapele and beech wood. 400 x 100 x 25 cm

Fuentesal Arenillas. 'Imaginaria', 2020-2021. Untreated sailcloth, studio floor (hardboard),lace, staples, sapele wood 70 pieces, Dimensions variable

Fuentesal Arenillas. 'La vista de los dedos', 2023. Iroko wood, table glass. Dimensions variable





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