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Date: 30 June - 3 September 2011, 10:00 p.m.
Ticket: 5 euros*
Place: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo
Access: Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n
Contact: actividades.caac@juntadeandalucia.es | Tlf: 955037083 · 955037103

* Purchase of a concert ticket also entitles the bearer to visit the exhibitions currently on display (on concert days only, from 9 pm to midnight). Tickets can only be purchased at the CAAC ticket desk on the day of the event, starting at 9 pm.

NOCTURAMA, which celebrates its 7th edition this year, is a series of concerts held during the summer months at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo. The singular backdrop of the gardens of the Monastery of La Cartuja and the added bonus of being able to visit the museum’s contemporary art exhibitions at night make this concert series a unique experience unlike any other musical event. This year the programme of concerts and exhibitions will revolve around a common theme: “Song as a force of social transformation”.

During the month of August, music videos by the producer CANADA will be shown before each concert.


Thursday, 30 June

As the daughter of a piano teacher, Basia grew up surrounded by musical instruments (she plays the guitar, the sitar, the flute, the piano, the ukulele, the saxophone, the banjo…) in a home where only the oldies were played (Motown, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Sam Cooke, etc.). From the time she was a small girl, her brother Bobby accompanied her on the drums just as he does today. In 2007 this youthful Canadian singer and songwriter released her debut album on the Rough Trade label, Oh My Darling, a collection of beautiful, fantastically arranged tracks performed by a prodigious voice.

Now she has presented her second LP, Heart of My Own, where we discover an even more self-confident Bulat, with a voice that is just as comfortable and exhilarating when the songs swell to their most epic proportions as when they plunge into intimacy and melancholy. Her compositions verge on traditional folk music with hints of other styles (jazz, soul, pop, etc.).

· www.basiabulat.com

Wednesday, 6 July

The husband-and-wife team formed by Danny and Tiffany Preston created Rainbow Arabia, inspired by the sounds of the Middle East. After their debut EP, The Basta, was received with great critical acclaim in 2008, and after touring with Gang Gang Dance, they released the 7" Omar K and the EP Kabukimono, in which African and Caribbean rhythms were added to their sound palette.

Now they've come to Seville to offer us their first LP, Boys and Diamonds, a dazzling blend of dub punk and world pop, Afro-Caribbean beats and synth-pop, hip-hop and electronic music. This perfectly assembled puzzle is sure to delight fans of MIA, Santigold or even Vampire Weekend.

· www.rainbowarabia.com

Thursday, 7 July

Jairo Zavala, former lead singer of La Vacazul, presents his second solo album under the Depedro alias. The tracks on Nubes de Papel were written between shows while touring with Calexico, a band in which he has played guitar for the last four years, and while travelling around the world to promote his debut album. Nubes de Papel features two tracks recorded with Joey Burns, John Convertino and Jacob Valenzuela from Calexico, and Vetusta Morla. When listening to Depedro, we can hear echoes of John Barry's soundtracks, frontier tunes, African guitars, a pinch of Brazilian music, a dollop of The Beatles from the "Let It Be" era, Vainica Doble and M. Ward.

· www.depedro.net/

Wednesday, 13 July

Binary Audio Misfits was created when two highly original bands from different cultures and continents found each other on MySpace. In the winter of 2007, the French rock band Expérience, an old acquaintance of Spanish audiences, contacted the Texan hip-hop group The Word Association to ask if they would be willing to participate in a track for the album that Expérience was working on at the time. After the recording session, the two bands were thrilled with the end product and decided to work on a few more songs together. The result was B.A.M! LP, the first album of the Binary Audio Misfits, a head-on collision between belligerent hip-hip and prickly rock.

· www.myspace.com/binaryaudiomisfits

Thursday, 14 July

This band's debut album, This New Year Will Be for You and Me, inspired critics to use words like "euphoric", "upbeat" and "sunshine pop". It was named album of the week by Rough Trade and received stellar reviews across Europe. Bandages for the Heart, a second album with the same euphoria but a much sharper edge, confirmed Lacrosse's talent and took them on a lengthy European tour where they earned a reputation for explosive live performances.

Two vocalists with amazing energy, incredibly mellow guitars and dazzling melodies are the band's weapons of choice. Barely restrained madness hides behind the appearance of a fundamentally upbeat pop style.

· www.lacrosse.nu/

Wednesday, 20 July

Pelle Carlberg has been making music since 1985, playing with bands on the Swedish scene like Amanda om natten and Edson, with which he recorded three albums. In 2005 he embarked on a solo career and has since released three albums, two of them on the prestigious Labrador label.

His influences are varied, ranging from Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, ABBA and The Beatles to Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian, The Velvet Underground, The Beautiful South, Doktor Kosmos, Jens Lekman and Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. And although it's hard to believe, his music has a lot of each of them; his compositions are pop songs with an undercurrent that is surreal in some cases and hermetic in others, but almost always luminous.

· www.pellecarlberg.se/

Thursday, 21 July

As the band's own website proclaims, Hidrogenesse is an "electronic art-rock duo, composers of populist pop songs, producers of romantic-sexual mantras, authors of Situationist dance tunes, performers of the mystical-comic genre… Hidrogenesse is Carlos Ballesteros and Genís Segarra. Since the end of the last century, they have released a number of albums, including Así se baila el siglo XX, Eres PC/Eres Mac, Gimnàstica passiva and Animalitos".

Carlos and Genís are currently participating in an exhibition at Fundació Joan Miró with an installation entitled Moix, for which they have recorded a new track.

· www.austrohungaro.com/hidrogenesse/

Wednesday, 27 July

Perico de Dios (guitarra y voz), Carlos Jimena (batería) y Paco Luis Martos (bajo) son los tres integrantes de Guadalupe Plata, una banda procedente de Úbeda (Jaén) que práctica un "blues crudo, sucio y serpenteante" que hunde sus raíces en la cara más pantanosa del rock & roll. Tras actuar en festivales como Blues Cazorla, Monkey Week o Primavera Sound y realizar una pequeña gira por la Costa Este de Estados Unidos, en febrero de este año publicaron su primer LP, Guadalupe Plata, editado por Folc Records y grabado en tres enclaves diferentes: con Paco Loco en el Puerto de Santa María, Maxi Ruiz en Málaga y Pablo Sánchez en Granada. Un disco en el que, según la revista Jenesaispop, encontramos "trece canciones encadenadas con un ritmo eléctrico que te hacen sudar incluso si te encuentras en Siberia".

· www.myspace.com/guadalupeplata

Thursday, 28 July

The person hiding behind the pseudonym of Lonely Drifter Karen is Tanja Frinta, born in Vienna in 1979 and currently living in Barcelona. This album, named after a character in Lars von Trier's The Idiots, features the tinkling ivories of Majorcan pianist Marc Melià. Marc is a fan of Jacques Brel and the chanson, whereas Frinta prefers German cabaret and Kurt Weill, but all of these disparate influences come together in music full of evocative melodies and sinuous arrangements.

The duo's debut album, The Grass Is Singing, was released in 2008, and last year they presented their second project, Fall of Spring.

· www.myspace.com/lonelydrifterkaren

Saturday, 30 July

Combining a love of indie pop and the most brilliant music of the 1960s, The School's style is a British version of sunshine pop that blends light and shadow to produce a contagious, ultra-melodic pop sound that you can dance and cry to simultaneously. Their sophisticated, upbeat tracks with a hint of melancholy are inspired by The Beach Boys (and the fantastic American Spring produced by Brian Wilson), The Beatles, Philo Spector and 60s girl bands. Not to mention, of course, other more modern groups who share similar roots and also wrap their dulcet melodies in marvellous string and keyboard arrangements, such as Belle & Sebastian, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Camera Obscura or Lucky Soul.

· www.theschoolband.co.uk/

Wednesday, 3 August

Alondra Bentley, a Spanish singer-songwriter of English extraction, burst onto the music scene in 2006 with a handful of songs written in her mother tongue which quickly became a hot topic of conversation among professionals of the Spanish music industry. That same year, her demo was chosen as one of the season's best by the Disco Grande show on Spanish National Radio, hosted by the prestigious music critic and journalist Julio Ruiz. After this promising beginning, in 2009 Bentley released her first album, Ashfield Avenue, which confirmed Alondra's success with music journalists and listeners alike.

Listening to Ashfield Avenue brings to mind the great women of music history, evoking artists of the stature of Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone, but it also reminds us of male vocalists like Nick Drake. Thanks to the success of her debut album, Alondra set out on a tour which has continued for nearly two years now, and she was invited to perform at some of the most important music events in Spain and England, including the Benicassim International Festival, Primavera Sound, Sonorama and La Mar de Músicas.

· www.myspace.com/alondrabentley

Thursday, 4 August

Triángulo de Amor BizarroTRIANGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO
The prehistory of the then-quintet began with the making of the demo Salud y belleza in 2004, an explosive device wrapped in teddy-bear plush that earned them a spot among the finalists in Proyecto Demo. Even before the release, word-of-mouth had made it one of the most anxiously awaited debuts of 2007. The band's war cry - "Now the free world wants a blazing fire" - struck a chord with their audiences: this trio from the country set the online forums on fire and rattled music pundits with their live songs, deafening sound and powerful lyrics. Before the year was out El hombre del siglo V was released, an album that ended up becoming a compilation of oddities and included tracks from their early demos, new recordings and a few songs that no one had heard before. Confirmed as the most important new Spanish band of the year on every music ranking, they continued to give non-stop performances throughout 2008.

Año santo was released in May of 2010, and even with the handicap of a debut that topped every list of the decade's best Spanish albums, the press unanimously acclaimed it as their best work yet.

· www.myspace.com/trianguloamorbizarro

Wednesday, 10 August

Klaus & KinskiKLAUS & KINSKI
The first line in the story of Klaus & Kinski was written almost by chance, when Alejandro convinced Marina to sing a Beatles cover so that he could test the home sound studio he had set up, way back in the summer of 2005. Five years later, Klaus & Kinski have two albums under their belt, a large fan base and the respect of the music critics. Those who know Alex best say that he belongs to the new generation of young people who have been abducted by technology, which is quite true; however, it is equally true that he has proven to be one of the most talented composers of the Spanish indie music scene to emerge from that same generation. His well-known proficiency on the guitar and his wise choice of travelling companions are two additional factors that helped make Klaus & Kinski the sensation of the 2008-09 season.

In April 2010 the duo released their fantastic second album entitled Tierra, trágalos, which was enthusiastically received by both audiences and critics, and since then they have been busy presenting their latest work on stages throughout Spain and at events like Festival do Norte, Contempopranea, Sonorama, Lemon Pop, etc.

· www.myspace.com/klausandkinski

Thursday, 11 August

The biggest surprise of the year shoots off acoustic bullets and basic philosophy. They are Arizona Baby, a trio that has shaken up the Spanish music scene with an irresistible adventure of desert epics and evocative fantasies called Second to None. Barely five weeks after its release, this album of dust-coated beauty and Spartan austerity was already being identified by the majority of national journalists, from the most mainstream to the most indie, as one of the top three albums of the year. From Mondo Sonoro to Rolling Stone, Arizona Baby's recordings and live performances have rocketed to the top of every best-of-the-year list. They've also received several national awards in the best new band category and the UFI (Independent Phonographic Union) Special MySpace Band of the Year Award. Arizona Baby is an acoustic rock trio capable of making even the best electric band quake in their boots, with a look that's appealing and impressive. They hail from Valladolid and have been playing together since 2004.

· http://arizonababyrocks.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, 17 August

The female vocalist par excellence of the Spanish indie scene started out as one-half of the duo Alex & Christina and later as lead singer of the rock band Los Subterráneos, two projects which made her tremendously popular in Spain and South America in the 1990s. In 2000 the artist moved to New York, where she launched a solo career with three albums recorded entirely in English. After returning to Spain, she began writing lyrics in Spanish again and released Verano Fatal, an album co-composed with the Asturian singer-songwriter Nacho Vegas. One year later, Christina conquered all and sundry with her sublime Tu labio superior (Warner, 2009), whose songs kept her hopping from one Spanish stage to the next for nearly two years, after which she set out on a South American tour of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Mexico.

Her latest album, La joven Dolores, was released by Warner in January of this year.

· www.christinarosenvinge.com/

Thursday, 18 August

Fiera is a band comprising Pablo Peña, Daniel Alonso, Darío del Moral and Javier Rivera (members of Pony Bravo). Their most immediate influences are post-punk bands like The Fall, PIL, Suicide, Liquid Liquid, Pere Ubu and Palais Schaumburg, and Spanish groups such as Derribos Arias and Parálisis Permanente. They also looked to now-legendary bands like Einstürzende Neubaten when choosing the combination of instruments that produce Fiera's unique sound.

Fiera made their first appearance at Nocturama (CAAC, Seville) in August 2008, where the audience heard the first versions of the songs composed by Pablo Peña, the band's vocalist, bassist and lead writer.

After years of hard work, Fiera finally cut their first LP, which was recorded by Raúl Pérez at his La Mina Studio. Déjese llevar (2010) was released by El Rancho Casa de Discos, a company created by the members of Pony Bravo to handle their professional activities. Like everything that El Rancho produces, Déjese llevar was released under a Creative Commons licence and can be downloaded free of charge from the band's website.

· www.enelrancho.com/

Wednesday, 24 August

Francisco Nixon is the stage name used by Fran Fernández (Gijón, 1971), former singer and songwriter for two iconic Spanish indie bands, Australian Blonde and La Costa Brava. Since launching his solo career as Francisco Nixon in 2006, he has released three titles on the Siesta label: Es Perfecta, El perro es mío and the mini LP Gloria y la belleza sureña, aided by his regular guitarist of choice, Ricardo Vicente, formerly of La Costa Brava.

Like all of Fran's previous undertakings, Nixon has become a fixture on the Spanish music scene. His name regularly appears on the bills of Spain's most important music festivals, and he is considered one of the best Spanish pop songwriters. His "Erasmus Borrachas" was named the Best Song of 2009 at the Independent Music Awards organized by Unión Fonográfica Independiente (UFI).

· www.myspace.com/frannixon

Thursday, 25 August

Julio de la RosaJULIO DE LA ROSA
Julio de la Rosa made his first appearance on the cover of one of his studio albums, La Herida Universal, the first to be co-released on the national indie labels Ernie and King of Patio, and the fourth of his career since his band, El Hombre Burbuja, broke up.

Julio has inhaled and perspired Jerez, Seville, Manchester, Istanbul, New York, Barcelona and Madrid, observing, creating and sharing, writing part of his musical and personal history in the ebb and flow of these cities. His poetry is like his vision, like his entire life - real, incisive, stimulating, cynical and romantic. His music is unique, playing with time, sound and silence. Julio de la Rosa has known love in myriad forms: true love, mirror love, reflected love, brotherly love, generous love, devastating love, labyrinthine love… all of which he had to experience so that today we, the listeners, can feel, hold our breath, float, and dance with a secret smile or howling with laughter. Julio de la Rosa is one of the most genuine musicians we have, and La Herida Universal is his best album yet - probably just because it's the latest one he's given us.

· www.juliodelarosa.com

Wednesday, 31 August

On his latest album, Termonuclear, Coque Malla has revealed his tremendous talent for writing music. "The songs on Termonuclear are inspired by true experiences, but they fortunately become fiction, they turn into how you'd like things to be or how you wish they could have been". And it is there, in the writing, that the great composer emerges, the talent of one who knows how to handle sensitive, personal material and turn it into a universal creation, one we can all identify with in equal measure. The album was recorded in analogue format, on "tape" like the great classic albums, with a trio playing live in the studio: Coque on acoustic guitar, the former "Ronaldo" Ricardo Moreno on drums, and Nico Nieto, the album's co-producer (and Coque's crucial ally during the thermonuclear year), on bass. Then came the recordings for enhancing the tracks: delicate strings to underscore certain sections with their chamber-music sound, and splendid tonalities contributed by pop's most timeless (and now quite rare) wind instruments.

· www.coquemalla.es/

Saturday, 3 September

Special concert/ surprise celebration of the band's 10th anniversary. Maga is back. The trio has closed the book on one era (with three albums, a couple of EPs and tracks on various compilations) and begun a new one at Mushroom Pillow with the band's own experience and that shared with Germán Coppini on their joint project, with Sr. Chinarro (the rhythm section is the same featured on Antonio Luque's last two albums), with Deluxe (Miguel participated in Reconstrucción) and with Tote King. Jordi Gil was responsible for the production of A la hora del sol, an addictive, timeless album marked by the personality of a voice that is unrivalled in Spanish-language pop.

The album was recorded at Sputnik Studios in Seville with Jordi Gil, who also produced El mundo según and Ronroneando by Sr. Chinarro. The band was accompanied during the recording sessions by Israel Diezma (lap steel guitar on "Último mar"), Joaquín Calderón (violin on "La Balsa" and melodica on "Garagato"), Manolo Solo (backup vocals and lyrics for "Sí, pero no lo soy"), Javier Centeno (trumpet on "Garagato"), Germán Coppini (lyrics for "Garagato") and César Díaz (keyboard), who also join the group in their live performances.

· www.articapro.com/artistas/maga


FLYER NOCTURAMA 2011: Flyer Nocturama 2011 [PDF FILE: 67kb]



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